Dr. Jeff Toman

He has 2 daughters, Kileigh and Haley. He has been here in Beaumont for over 20 years and is the owner of West End Animal Clinic. He graduated from Louisiana State University and Attends Westgate Memorial Baptist Church. He spends a great deal of time with all our clients and greets everyone with a big smile. He believes in preventative medicine, early detection, yearly exams and lots of TLC from the owners will allow the pets of southeast Texas to live long and fruitful lives

Christy Huntzberry LVT, Office Manager

Our Office Manager Extraordinaire has been at our clinic the longest, having joined Dr. Toman in February of 2013. She wears many hats around here, not the least of which is keeping us all in line! Christy got interested in the vet med industry because she likes animals more than people and decided to make them her career. She has an AAS in Veterinary Medicine and a BA in Animal Science and a degree in Business Managment (whew!). She loves helping our furbabies get better and be able to go home, plus working with our great staff. Outside of her work life, Christy has an exotic animal rescue, and a lot of her own animals were surrendered by previous owners and would be considered by others damaged. She loves caring for and showing love to those that were left alone for whatever reason. Christy has 4 grown children and 5 grandbabies, and her wonderful supportive husband, Pete, is waiting for her at home when she leaves behind the chaos of the clinic. She enjoys doing vinyl and sublimation, her animals, and traveling.
Pets: 3 blue & golds, 2 cockatoos, a lemur, a golden-handed tamarin, 1 African grey, 1 sulcata tortoise, a coatimundi, 3 chickens, 1 dog, and 2 cats

Fun fact: a tortoise lives on the land; a turtle lives in the water.

‘An animal’s love is unconditional.’

I have worked with animals for 20+ years . I absolutely love what I do and I enjoy caring for the “babies” that are entrusted to our care. We strive to give all animals the same love and care that we would give our own babies and find great pleasure in helping them heal and return home. My goal is to offer the best quality care , friendly atmosphere and a large dose of TLC to all our patients. When not at work I enjoy riding our Harley with my husband, fishing and spending time with friends and family.


We look forward every summer to getting our volunteers back. These young people have aspirations of becoming Dr.’s one day. With the bright smiles and eagerness to learn, I think you may be seeing them doing just that.

Shelby, Vet Tech

Shelby became a member of our team in June 2021. She’s always been interested in animals. She took a Vet Med course in high school, and her class came here to watch Dr. Toman perform surgeries. Shelby says he taught her so much that day that she knew she wanted to work here, and now she’s doing just that! She is such a hard worker and ray of sunshine to all our staff. She loves how welcoming her coworkers have been since her very first day. She hopes you know that we love your furbaby just as much as you do. At home, Shelby and her boyfriend, Zevin, enjoy loving on her furbabies.

Pets: Junebug and Finn

Fun Fact: According to Dr. Wilson, dry dog food is just like potato chips.

‘The least I can do is speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.’

Liz, Receptionist

Liz began working at the clinic in February 2020 and loves her job here because she enjoys helping people by being part of a team dedicated to helping pets. She got into the industry because she loves working with animals. Liz started college originally as a pre-vet student before later changing her major, so working here now is a great compromise. Liz is married with 4 bonus kids and 10 bonus grandkids. Her hobbies include showing Working Cow Horse (y’all should see her ride!), trail riding, fishing, and camping.

Pets: 2 horses, 2 cats, 1 dog, all totally spoiled!

Jacque, Receptionist

Jacque joined the WEAC staff in July 2021 because she is an introverted homebody whose husband thought she needed to get out of the house and talk to people. She loves her job because she is a stickler for details and loves your pets and doing her part to help keep them healthy and happy. Jacque has been married to her sweet hubby, Jody, for 23 years and has 2 beautiful, talented, accomplished daughters, Mo (22) and Gracie (19). In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, reading books, watching movies, and riding her horses.

Pets: Dogs Max, Rosie Mae, Dany, Piper, Auggie, Mylee; Cats Norman, Trixie; Horses Ringo, Jayne; donkeys Pearl and Fernando; and Zebra Echo

Fun fact: I met Patrick Swayze in 1992 in Kentucky when he was showing his Arabian horses and I happened to be there the same day. He was my favorite actor so it was a huge treat!

Mandi, Vet Tech

Mandi has been with us for quite a while, but some of you may not know her face because she prefers to remain behind the scenes. She became a member of the WEAC staff in September 2017. She is one of our exotic experts, so if you have brought in a snake, lizard, bird, or other exotic pet (all those creepy crawlies that terrify most of us are her area of expertise!), chances are she was the one working with your baby. She loves that every day is a new adventure. Mandi got into the veterinary industry because she likes animals more than people. When she goes home from the clinic, she has a husband and 3 kids waiting for her there. In her free time, she enjoys animals, painting, and sleeping.

Pets: 3 macaques, 2 macaws, 1 anaconda, 4 dogs, 1 Quaker parrot, and 48,134,752 cats

Kristen- Vet Tech

Growing up, Kristen had a passion for helping animals in need. She went to college and finally got her dream job as a vet tech, something she never thought she would get to do. She became part of the WEAC family on April 9, 2021. She loves having a great work family and getting to learn so much about all kinds of animals (and she knows a lot!). Kristen’s greatest accomplishments in life are becoming a wife to husband, Clinton, and mother to 2 boys, Drakon and Ronin, and getting to follow her dreams. In her free time, she enjoys painting (she’s very good, y’all), doing outdoor activities with her husband and kids, baking, and being artsy.

Pets: Tugger, Elsa, Olaf, Peep, and 9 reptiles

Fun Fact: Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards

Sketch, Bouncer

Sketch joined the WEAC staff at a very young age. During the time of her innocent youth, she accepted an invitation inside once, but it felt more like an alien abduction (cold steel table, long sharp instruments, bright lights, weird noises and smells). They did unspeakable things to her (she will now no longer be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother to hundreds of babies). She has never forgotten or forgiven that betrayal, so she now refuses to enter the building. She has, however, accepted her motherless lot in life and lives very happily outside our clinic doors in her custom-made tiny home. She loves that her commute is so short so she can sleep in and enjoy a morning latte before arriving to work. She takes her job very seriously and spends her days lovingly stalking her humans, demanding treats, keeping up staff morale, torturing cat-crazy dogs through the glass front doors, and causing visiting humans to question the staff about the ‘stray cat’ outside. Her hobbies include breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and, of course, the aforementioned treats), as well as long walks through the woods with her long-term boyfriend, Dwight.

Pets: 12 humans

Fun Fact: Cats are the superior beings on the planet.

Steve, Warden

Steve joined WEAC around 5 years ago, but his past is shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it, he was relocated to the area as part of the Witness Protection Program and is, in fact, Frankie ‘Pretty Boy’ Caruso (and he has the eyelashes to prove it), former mafia enforcer for the Gambino Crime Family who disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Although Steve can neither confirm nor deny this rumor, it does give weight to the theory that he lost his tail in the hit-gone-wrong that ended his career and caused ‘The Family’ to turn against him. Steve is quiet and prefers to keep to himself but is an avid people-watcher. He enjoys rock climbing and hanging out by the pond. He likes the decor around here but wishes we would redecorate the office in a more art gecko style. His favorite movies are the Lizard of Oz and Jurassic Park.

Fun Fact: Crested geckos (like me) don’t have eyelids. We use our tongues to lick our eyes clean and keep them moist.

Aleana, Vet Tech

Aleana keeps us laughing here at WEAC. Those of you who are recent clients of Dr Wilson are probably familiar with her smiling face. Prior to joining us, Aleana worked with children at a daycare center and spent many long nights earning her CDA. However, her career path changed on March 23, 2020, when she found her way to our clinic and joined our staff. She continues with that same drive to learn and determination to be her best here. Since she was young, Aleana has always loved animals and has always wanted to help them, no matter what. In fact, what she loves most about her job is her ability to help, seeing new things, and, of course, the animals. Aleana and her fiancé Tyler, along with their fur children (they are cuties, folks!), enjoy fishing, hunting, mudding, and riding around (real outdoorsy types, they are).

Pets: Pit bull Aspen and beagle Ruger

Fun Fact: Sea turtles can live for more than 100 years.

‘Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog!’

Peyton, Vet Tech

Peyton is another newbie here at the clinic, having started in June 2022. As a child, Peyton wanted to be a vet, and she ended up attending nursing school. After graduating, she realized that although she did want to stay in medicine, rather than working with humans, she prefers caring for the animals of the world. She found her way to our clinic, and we’re so glad to have her! She loves her job here because she loves the people she works with (Aww, we love you too Peyt!) and says they welcomed her in just like she was one of them. She also loves being a voice for the animals. Peyton may not have worked with animals before, but her nursing background brought her into the clinic with a wealth of knowledge and medical experience, and she jumped right in like she’d been working here for years. Peyton does have 3 blue heelers at home as well, but her true love is Sammy the Weiner dog. She says her favorite hobby is spoiling Sammy.

Pets: Sammy

Fun Fact: Weiner dogs have her whole heart!

Extras: Peyton doesn’t like lizards….but Steve is doing his best to win her over!

“Be kind to every kind, not just mankind.”

Eli Jones, Vet Tech

Eli is one of our newbies here at the clinic, and he is the only male vet tech we have currently. Fortunately, he grew up with a large family and has 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers, so he takes being surrounded by all these women in stride. He loves his job because every day is a new challenge and he gets to see lots of cool exotics. He was inspired by Steve Irwin (crikey!) and has always wanted to help animals in need. He was also inspired to work with animals by his grandfather who took him hiking to catch snakes, turtles, gators, and the like. He enjoys fishing, camping and is also techy and mechanical, building computers and working on cars. He loves the reptiles and all the creepy crawlies.

Pets: 1 bearded dragon, 1 leopard gecko, and 1 cat

Fun Fact: He won a “prettiest eyes” as a baby

“That’ll do, Pig.”

Rhonda Ivey, Receptionist

Rhonda is brand new to our team, having just started in September 2022 (on her birthday!). She may be new to our clinic, but she is not new to the vet industry. She worked at another clinic for over 20 years, so she brings with her a wealth of experience in working in an environment like ours. Rhonda is truly a people person and loves her job because she has a genuine love of people, visiting with them, getting to know them, and taking care of them and their pets. As a child, Rhonda was always bringing home all the strays in the neighborhood, and that led her to the industry. She worked hard while raising her 2 wonderful boys and is now proud Nonnie to one grandson. When she’s not here at the clinic, she enjoys going antiquing and to estate sales, she loves riding motorcycles, and she enjoys dancing the night away.

Pets: 3 beloved Chihuahuas – Harley James (14), The Dude (4), and Tinker Joy (3)

“It says ‘Crunchy,’ Charlotte!” (said in your best Templeton impression)