We had a request for this page so we added a place to share your views.. Here is an example of what people are saying. Feel free to send us your thoughts…..

“I wish you would add an area for reviews.
Many of us would like to sing our praises to all of you. I have dealt with many vets and this building holds BETTER THAN THE BEST!! Bless you all.”

Dear Dr. Toman,


I am feeling soooooo much better than I did this morning. I have done my fair share of sleeping and taken all my meds. I am not in as much pain, thanks to you. My Mom feels better too. She worries about me and gets to feeling really stressed. We will be calling it a night very soon. I am ready for a little more sleep. But, I really needed to tell you how much you are appreciated and grateful you are my Doctor. My Mom has started calling you a “Wizard” and I do believe it is true.

Good thoughts coming you way from my Mom and me -(Tommy Davis)

“I think the whole staff and Dr Toman are great I really liked how I got a call from yall’s office checking on one of my pets Thanks for being so caring Deborah & her furbaby’s”

“Dr. Toman has been my babies vet for many many years. I can truly say he is the best vet in Beaumont, Texas. He and his staff truly care for their clients. If you want the best vet, well use Dr. Toman. ”

“Bobb, our family cat of 15 years, was in his last hours of life. When I walked into the clinic, Dr. Jeff immediately interrupted his schedule to give Bobb a look, then gave us all the care and compassion I could have asked for under the circumstances. An enthusiastic “thank you” to Jeff and his staff for their kindness and consideration.”

” I want to say thank you for taking such great care of my dog, Jax a month or so ago. He is doing wonderful and healed much quicker than I had expected from the procedure. He has also calmed down with the aggressive behavior since being neutered. You guys are the best and I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking such good care of him”